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The Corporate Trainer is responsible for developing and executing enterprise training and development, focusing on training curriculum, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and integration of the revenue cycle functions. The Trainer assesses training needs and identifies gaps, designs and develops curriculum, drafts and finalizes SOPs, and executes training and skills assessments. Training is provided to a variety of internal customers and external clients in group and individual settings based on business need and an ever-changing healthcare environment.

The Corporate Trainer is a key collaborator with the Compliance and Training Team to onboard new employees and manages new employee onboarding training calendar. Additional key accountabilities are to ensure accurate and timely records of executed training, class attendee rosters, assessment scores, and strives to maintain current training materials within an evolving environment.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Oversees the development and implementation of training curriculum with a primary focus on increasing multi-departmental revenue cycle knowledge and revenue cycle department expertise.
  • Creates and executes onboarding training plans for key corporate personnel and the revenue cycle team. Performs 1:1 informal and group training sessions for a successful new employee onboarding experience.
  • Participates in the implementation of a shared learning management system or intranet with the Information Systems and Compliance Training Teams. Manages all revenue cycle related learning and development content.
  • Partners with the CRCO to develop training needs assessments, return on investments (ROIs) stakeholder analysis, training and development content, and skills competency that support business operations, corporate growth and expansion, client needs, payer changes, and any additional gaps impacting people and business performance.
  • Collaborates with Management to analyze reports and performance metrics to identify, develop, and execute on new training initiatives that positively impact revenue and key performance indicators.
  • Actively participates on the Denial Management Taskforce to develop and execute training that improves the flow of the revenue cycle, reduces denials, minimizes avoidable write-offs, and improves performance.
Corporate Trainer

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